Malta App Challenge




The MCST/MEPA Environment challenge Award

A €15,000 Prize (of which €4,000 worth of high-resolution Airbus images) will be awarded to a creative and relevant pre-operational prototype of a solution to MEPA’s needs and challenges. 

The MCST/MITA StartAPP 2.0 challenge Grants

The MITA/MCST StartAPP 2.0 Challenge will award two €22,000 Grants, of which €15,000 is a cash injection, for two proofs-of-concept outlining two innovative applications that have the potential to fulfill a market need in Malta or elsewhere, as identified by the competitors’ own market research.

The proofs-of-concept should assume the use of at least one satellite-derived dataset in combination with data from other sources and satnav and/or LBS. Start-ups of minimum 3 and up to 9 people, in business for less than 5 years, are eligible. Startups that have not yet formalised into a business undertaking are expected to do so if selected for funding.

More information about the MITA/MCST startAPP 2.0 Challenge available here.