Frequently Asked Questions

What does Eurisy stand for?

Eurisy is a non-profit association of space organisations working as a facilitator and catalyst for innovation, stimulating the uptake of space-based solutions, and supporting collaboration between public institutions, SMEs, industry and academia.

The EURopean association was created in 1989 on the occasion of the International Space Year.

How does Eurisy stay neutral?

Eurisy cooperates equally with all space agencies, companies, government authorities and other organizations in inventorying good practices and finding out about emerging services. Eurisy works equally with all the organisations who respect Eurisy’s concern for neutrality.

Eurisy has always insisted that satellite applications should be presented not by those who develop or sell them, but by those who use them – the early adopters, who can talk about advantages and limitations alike. Eurisy’s collection of such “good practices” is currently the largest available in Europe: this speaks about Eurisy’s commitment to the end-user point of view, over time.

Finally, Eurisy readily acknowledges that satellite applications may not be the best solution in all possible cases, and that other technologies may be equally relevant, or complementary, or sometimes better.

How does Eurisy measure its impact?

Eurisy does not sell satellite application-based products and services. Therefore, Eurisy’s measure of success is not how many services or products are sold as a result of its activities, but rather, for instance:

  • How many potential users have been reached, with a useful, realistic message about relevant services?
  • How many opportunities have been created for professionals from different backgrounds and sectors to learn from each other?
  • How useful is Eurisy’s bottom-up feedback to decision-makers?

How does Eurisy ensure that it does not duplicate the activities of its members and partners?

Eurisy works with local governments, regions and firms which are outside the usual outreach scope of its members and partners. Furthermore, while members and partners are heavily involved with researchers and companies working in the added-value production chain, Eurisy focuses on downstream, operational, “black-box” products and services and their users.

Where members or partners decide to work with similar end-user communities, Eurisy supports them and shares its knowledge and expertise.

Finally, Eurisy’s User Programme is not forever. As soon as satellite applications become widely spread within society, Eurisy will move on to the next frontier between space and society.

What is the difference between Eurisy and other organisations who do outreach on the topic of satellite services?

Eurisy works with its members and partners to reach “beyond” their own networks and create new links between them.

Eurisy strives permanently to ensure its activities are complementary to existing ones.

Eurisy’s outreach activities are not-for-profit.