Eurisy Team

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Annalisa Donati

Secretary General

+33 [0] 1 47 34 81 75

Annalisa Donati became Secretary General of Eurisy in 2021 after serving as Coordinator of Activities since January 2020. Today she is in charge of refining priorities and ensuring coherence with the trends identified by Eurisy’s Members and major stakeholders, as well as the implementation of an active communication strategy towards end users and experts and the overseeing of the organisation of events.

Henry Boeree

Project Officer

+33 [0] 1 47 34 81 73

Henry joined Eurisy as a Project Officer in September 2023, where he currently focuses on Disaster Risk Management, civil security, and maritime initiatives. In this role, he oversees user engagement, research projects, as well as communication and dissemination activities. Henry co-organises workshops with EUSPA on satellite-based services for disaster risk management, supports the development of project proposals and research initiatives, and serves as Eurisy's representative on the ILIAD digital twins of the ocean project.

Anaïs Guy

Project Officer

+33 [0] 1 47 34 81 72

Anaïs joined Eurisy in September 2023 as a Project Officer. She is currently focusing on the development of two of Eurisy's thematic areas, Space for Culture and Space for Cities, through the THETIDA and UDENE projects. As an Eurisy representative, she oversees user engagement, communication and dissemination activities, research projects and actively supports the association's activities to bridge the gap between space and society.

Žaklin Butinar

Project Officer

+33 [0] 1 47 34 00 79

Žaklin joined Eurisy in 2024 as a Project Officer, where she currently supports the development of various projects as an Eurisy representative, including the communication and dissemination activities of the GEOAcademy and SpaceSUITE projects

Gabriella Quattropanetti

Communication Officer

+33 [0] 1 47 34 00 79

Gabriella joined Eurisy as Communication Officer in 2024. She oversees the communication activities to promote the Association and its members, and collaborates to develop Eurisy strategy. She is responsible for conducting research and coordinating community outreach, and providing administrative support for event planning activities.


Dominique Tilmans

Chair of Eurisy

After a career of 27 years in politics marked by an active involvement in the Space sector through chairing the ‘Senate Space Group’ and leading the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC), Dominique launched YouSpace and Switch to Space in 2014 in order to link STEM Students to Belgian Space experts. She is currently the Chair of Eurisy, Board Member of Telespazio Belgium, Member of the Advisory Board of ESPI, member of the Advisory Bord of Europlanet2021 RI and Vice-President of IAF. In 2017, she received the “BeSpace personality of the year” award.

Julien Béclard

Eurisy Vice-President

Julien is one of the most experienced members of this association. In 2014, he started working at space Belgian High Representation for Space policy (BHRS) as an expert on EU space policy. Julien is currently working part time at the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) and at the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union.

Ersilia Vaudo

Eurisy Vice-President

Ersilia has a long-standing career in ESA, including four years at the ESA Washington office, and is the current Chief Diversity Officer and Special Advisor on Strategic Evolution to the Director of European, Legal and International matters. She is a member of the Advisor Board del Women's Forum G20 Italy 2021 and the French “Scale-Up Europe” initiative.

Gabriella Arrigo

Eurisy Vice-President

Gabriella has spent more than 30 years of her career in the field of international space relations at bilateral and multilateral level. Currently she is Director of International Affairs at the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Senior Member of the Italian delegation to the European Space Agency (ESA), Senior national expert to the EU Space Group, and Senior Member of the Italian delegation to UNCOPUOS. As full Member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), Gabriella is currently the Chair of Commission 5 on Space Policy, Law and Economy (2022-2024 term).