Thematic Areas

Satellite applications enhance efficiency, sustainability and quality of life in both cities and rural areas while bringing satellite-based innovation and solutions in a number of sectors. Eurisy has been exploring many sectors of use of satellite applications. Here are the topics currently under our radar!

Space 4 Maritime

The so-called Blue Growth is, for Europe, a source of welfare and well-being. In this sense, the Blue Growth is extrinsically related to the potential of Europe’s seas and coasts to develop a blue sustainable economy. Blue Growth is defined as a long-term strategy that aims at supporting growth in the marine and maritime sectors.

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Space 4 Sports

Investments in space are being leveraged in all kinds of sectors to provide innovative services, and sports are no exception, being an important economic sector in modern society. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as Europe’s Galileo constellation, as well as Earth observation data and satellite communications provide a considerable amount of applications for sport activities.

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Space 4 Health

Health is an extensive and complex domain, spanning across sectors, institutions, products and services, it involves many and diverse stakeholders. Poor transport connectivity, lack of nearby medical facilities and doctors, together with limited broadband and/or mobile coverage are common to many European regions. Telecommunications satellites could certainly contribute to bridging this digital gap.

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Space 4 Cities

The Space4Cities Initiative promotes the use of satellite applications to make our cities healthier, cleaner, safer, and more efficient. In recent years, the “Smart City” topic has emerged as a major policy area in most European countries, and also the space community has been promoting programmes and activities to foster the use of satellite applications to increase quality of life in cities.

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Space 4 Culture

The Space4Culture initiative aims to inspire more public and private actors to come up with increasingly innovative and useful services in the cultural and creative sectors. Satellite technology enables new ways to enjoy cultural activities bringing sculptures to life with satellite navigation, smoothening tourist flows through gamification, or visiting virtually reconstructed ancient places.

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Space 4 Rural

The objective of Space4Rural is to foster the use of satellite-based data and services to benefit rural areas. Satellite-based services can create economic opportunities which help us to better protect our environment by addressing current issues. Satellite data can also support local authorities in rural areas to improve decision-making and land management.

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