Malta App Challenge




This section provides direction on Earth observation and other geospatial datasets available for App challenge participants of both the Environment and startAPP 2.0 challenges. The Starter Pack User Manual, which can be downloaded here, provides download links to datasets made available through various entities. The greater majority of datasets referred to in this manual originate from open data sources, however an additional number of datasets are made available to applicants upon registration. These latter datasets, which includes high-resolution imagery provided by Airbus Defence and Space, are clearly highlighted within the user manual.

The competitors can additionally use any publicly-available data that could add value to the app or even request additional datasets from relevant public entities.

Applicants to both the Environment and the startAPP 2.0 challenge will be invited to a training course on how to obtain and exploit additional satellite data (see Training Day in the Timeline section).


Below is a short clip and screenshots of some of the datasets available for the App Challenge. Note that this is only a small sample of what’s available! Register to gain access to more datasets!