Challenges of the Blue World Webinar Series – Maritime Spatial Planning


Online Event

The Webinar Series

The number of successful examples of satellite-based technologies in the maritime domain is increasing, and funding schemes to develop increasingly sophisticated solutions are made available by European and national institutions. Nevertheless, satellite-based services are still considered as “innovation” rather than “practice”.

This webinar series, promoted by ESA in collaboration with Eurisy, will discuss the current challenges faced by maritime stakeholders, as well as how satellite-based solutions respond to emerging needs and trends. The webinar will gather around a virtual table local authority, NGOs, research centres, and industrial clusters from space and maritime domains.

Each webinar will last about 1 hour and will host three speakers representing a relevant stakeholder in the selected maritime segment to present their needs and to share their experience as early users of satellite-based solutions.


ESA Blue Worlds Task Force Stakeholder Consultation

The stakeholders consultation survey by the European Space Agency’s Blue Worlds Task Force has been designed to gauge the understanding and interest as well as current and potential involvement of the European maritime users community (at large) in the exploitation of space based systems, data and products.