Colloque EuroMaritime 2022: Space for the European blue economy



Marseille, France

How space solutions can support the growth of a sustainable Blue Economy

Our roundtable at Euromaritime 2022 will target French and European professionals from the maritime industry, in particular shipbuilders, port authorities, maritime transport operators, marine researchers, and technology experts, as well as national, local, and regional policy and decision makers. The session will also be open to tech students and start-uppers interested in developing innovative solutions for the maritime domain.

The workshop is organised in the frame of the CNES Colloque La Mer et L’Espace that will take place throughout the whole Euromaritime.

Introduction to the roundtable

 Alessandra Vernile, Project Officer, Eurisy

High-Level Welcome- Innovation in the European Blue Economy

Video message from Elodie Viau, Director TIA, European Space Agency

Video message from Andreea Strachinescu, Head of Maritime Innovation, Marine Knowledge and Investment Unit, DG MARE, European Commission 

Keynote Speech- The European Blue Economy

The second keynote will present the European Commission EU Blue Economy Observatory, which is based on the annual EU Blue Economy Report, and which was recently established to support policies, decision makers and stakeholders that are active in the maritime domain. The keynote will also focus on the needs of the European blue economy operators in relation with the objectives of the European Green Deal, a stronger Europe in the World as well as the European Commission strategy.

  Jann Martinsohn, Head of Unit, Water and Marine Resources, European Joint Research Centre (ISPRA)

 Fabrice Maire, Chairman, European Network of Maritime Clusters

Roundtable: Space services at the core of blue economy

The roundtable will gather representatives among the most innovative space companies providing maritime related services. The panelists will elaborate on how the presented solutions can support to tackle the challenges faced by the maritime operators

Moderator: Isabelle Duvaux-Béchon, Blue World Task Force, European Space Agency Invited speakers:

Q&A interaction with the audience

Conclusive Remarks

Eric Brel, Space Applications Expert, CNES