Earth Observation solutions for smart cities, urban planning, and maritime: hands-on e-shape pilots


Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste Piazza Kennedy Accesso da via Luca Longhi, Ravenna, Italy



This workshop is an e-shape labeled event and will present some of the project’s pilots related to maritime activities. The first part of the workshop will set the stage by introducing the audience to EO markets trends and the potential of satellite applications for the use and benefit of specific users categories with a particular focus on the policy development and funding opportunities.

The second part is dedicated to the presentation of pilots projects, involved in a co-design process with users, industry and policy makers to deliver sustainable EO solutions and to maximise the value for users. The presenters will provide hands-on training and users’ benefit.


The e-shape workshop will:


The satellite applications sector delivers a wide range of social, environmental as well as economic benefits to citizens of Europe and the world.

Despite the many successful examples of use of satellite-based services at the regional and local levels, and despite the programmes implemented at local and European scales to make available funds to develop commercial services increasingly sophisticated, satellite-based services are still considered as “innovation” rather than “practice”.
Satellites offer reliable and objective information on soil, air, water, vegetation, and assets, which can be compared over time. This increases the amount and quality of data that decision-makers need to take informed decisions as well as to implement sustainable development strategies.

In the maritime domain, as example, markets trends show an increasing demand from both public and private entities of satellite-based solutions to ensure a sustainable management of oceans and seas. Spanning from the monitoring of water bodies, fishing activities, and seasonal planning, among others, this tendency has evolved in parallel with European policies, showing an increasing relevant role of such solutions, an example being the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

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