Satellite applications: benefits for the Baltics

Riga, Latvia

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Welcome speeches

Agrita Kiopa, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Science and Education of Republic of Latvia
Edmunds Belskis, Director of the Communications Department, Ministry of Transport of Latvia
Frédéric Nordlund, Head of International Relations Department, European Space Agency
Catharina Bamps, DG GROW, European Commission

Case-studies: operational services relying on satellite data and navigation

Use of satellite data to tackle oil spills at sea
Ojars Gerke, Environment Management Officer at Latvian Coast Guard, Vice-Chair of the HELCOM Response Working Group

Forest management solutions based on Earth Observation
Priit Anton, Vice president at Reach-U/Regio Ltd., Estonia

MapOn: GNSS-based fleet management solutions
Dairis Zarins, Marketing manager, MapOn, Latvia

GNSS online security solutions
Karlis Berzins, Owner, Novero, Latvia 

An overview of satellite resources

Copernicus services: access to data & information; business opportunities
Hands-on demos for access to Copernicus data and information

Both presentations by Catharina Bamps, European Commission, DG GROW, Copernicus: services

Copernicus Sentinel Satellites: access to data and future perspectives
Hands-on demos for access to Sentinel data (QuickTime file downloads)
Both presentations by Alessandra Tassa, European Space Agency Copernicus Office

Satellite navigation applications: opportunities from the European GNSS
Fiammetta Diani, European GNSS Agency

Discussion: how to boost innovation in the Baltics?

1. What are the regional needs where satellite applications could help?

Juris Zarins, Forest Data Solutions Manager, Latvian State Forests
Inese Suija-Markova, Managing Director, Institute for Environmental Solutions, Latvia
Juris Grinevics, Deputy director of Control Department at Rural Support Service, Latvia

 2. Successful space strategies in the Baltics – good practice exchange

Maija Cebere, Head of Latvian Space Technologies and Services Cluster
Domantas Bručas, Director of Space Science and Technology Institute, Lithuania


The conversation continued in Lithuania! The next day the European Economic and Social Committee organised the conference “Boosting regional success in space: the Baltic way!” in Kaunas. More information about this conference is available on the event website

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