Space 4 Critical Infrastructure: Public Administration


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About this session

The focus is on setting up an all-hazards EU-framework that supports Member States in their national efforts to ensure that critical entities are able to prevent, resist, absorb and recover from disruptive incidents, no matter if they are caused by natural hazards, accidents, terrorism, insider threats, or public health emergencies. The novelty of the proposal is that it extends the scope of its predecessor to ten sectors, namely energy, transport, banking, financial market, health, drinking water, waste water, digital infrastructure, public administration and space.

After the first introductory sessions on the EU directive on the resilience of critical entities, the “Space 4 Critical Infrastructures” series turns towards its first of five thematic sessions. Large-scale risks such as accidents, natural disasters, and antagonistic threats, may disrupt the provision of essential services and undermine confidence in critical entities, as well as in the authorities responsible for their oversight and for keeping the population safe and secure. During the webinar, several examples will be presented on how space can boost the preparedness of public administrations in this regard.