Space 4 Critical Infrastructure: Putting the EC proposal into action


Online Event

About this session

The focus is on setting up an all-hazards EU-framework that supports Member States in their national efforts to ensure that critical entities are able to prevent, resist, absorb and recover from disruptive incidents, no matter if they are caused by natural hazards, accidents, terrorism, insider threats, or public health emergencies. The novelty of the proposal is that it extends the scope of its predecessor to ten sectors, namely energy, transport, banking, financial market, health, drinking water, waste water, digital infrastructure, public administration and space.

This third session of Space 4 Critical Infrastructure invites the European Commission to share opportunities and views for the green and digital transition in the construction sector. To demonstrate how space assets can help to bring the proposed directive into action, two examples will then be given of cooperative projects in the sector of infrastructure. One national project related to the use of satellite technology for monitoring the stability and security of infrastructure, and one European project on innovative EGNSS applications transforming roads and railways into a synergic ecosystem sharing digital infrastructures, safety and certification processes to lower energy consumption and pollution.