Space Opportunities for Climate Challenges: Biodiversity & Plant Health


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Space Opportunities for Climate Challenges

The Space for Climate initiative offers a one-stop-shop networking platform to find relevant information, news, events, calls, partners and customers for space applications related to climate.

In this monthly webinar series, Eurisy and dotSpace bring together research, government and industry experts to talk about their innovative solutions and funding opportunities. This highly multidisciplinary initiative also provides an open networking and knowledge sharing platform where space & non-space peers can exchange ideas, discover opportunities and meet people to help improve their activities (business, decision-making, legal, research, education, etc.).

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Biodiversity & Plant Health

The first webinar on 2 December 2020 will address the topic of Biodiversity, and more specifically Plant Health. We have an exciting range of speakers, including:

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The Space for Climate platform will act as a catalyst for new collaborations, supporting participants to connect and form new alliances, partnerships, consortia or trade relations. Continue the discussions on the open networking platform where you will also find more information about the topic!


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