Space4Culture: Satellite services for historical and creative cities


Matera, Italy

Videos from the conference

To watch all the available videos of the presentations of the event, go to the Eurisy YouTube channel 

Jeremy Wood, digital artist based in the UK, uses satellite positioning to challenge our perspectives of space and distance.

Ariane Bieou, from the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, introduces the user session on space for arts and creativity with a speech on the programme for Matera European Capital of Culture 2019.

Marcello Moretti from the European Union Satellite Centre explains how they used satellite images to assess the damages to Iraqi cities during the ISIS’ occupation (in Italian only).

Epifanio Pecharromán, from the European Union Satellite Centre, talks about the technical details of using satellite images to assess the damages to Iraqi cities during the ISIS’ occupation.

Michel Praet, Head of the European Space Agency’s office in Brussels, talks about the use of satellite images to study and safeguard cultural heritage.

Carlo Michelacci from the Land Management Department of the City of Bologna explains how satellite location can smoothen traffic in historical cities.

Within the BariMatera5G project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the School of Archaeology of the Basilicata University and Digital Lighthouse joined forces to create a VR interactive experience of Matera’s rupestrian churches.