Blue Economy and geoinformation services for sustainable growth in coastal regions


Bari, Italy

This conference, co-organised by Eurisy and the CPMR, hosted by the Puglia Region, brought together Local and Regional authorities interested in maritime issues and blue economy. Operational cases of satellite applications in coastal regions have been showcased. 

The European Union’s blue economy represents 5.4 million jobs and a gross added value of just under €500 billion per year. Coastal regions and cities are indeed drivers of European growth. However, conflicts between sea uses and demands for sea space are increasing, in particular due to emerging offshore activities. There is thus a need for tools that enable growth by facilitating the coexistence of multiple activities, and organise coastal management.

Access to better and more accurate data, and sharing it, can therefore help coastal authorities to maximise the sustainable development of activities, both at sea and on coasts. Furthermore, the European flagship programmes Copernicus and Galileo are expected to benefit regional authorities by making available more geo-information than ever before. In this context, this conference will focus on how innovative geoinformation services can help in key policy areas and operational responsibilities of regional administrations. 

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