Satellite-based Services for Disaster Risk Management


Nicosia, Cyprus

About the event

This workshop aims to create a common understanding among national and regional stakeholders of what satellite-based service can bring during the different phases of disaster risk management, and to facilitate the use of these services from a national to a European level.  

The event is part of a series of national workshops to discuss with users and national stakeholders the challenges in the use of satellite-based services, if any, as well as the benefits enjoyed. The first workshop of the series took place in Athens on May 25th 2022. The outcomes of the event are available here.

The purpose of the workshop is twofold. On one hand, to raise awareness on the existing and operational satellite-based services, especially how they can be integrated into daily workflows and translated into actionable information. On the other hand, develop a roadmap to smoothen the integration path of satellite-based services by providing decision makers and EU Institutions feedback on the obstacles users are currently facing throughout this process. 

Cyprus, in cooperation with the Department of Electronic Communications, Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, will host a national workshop. Operational satellite-based services for disaster management in Cyprus will be presented.  

Early adopters and relevant authorities are called to illustrate the challenges and benefits stemming from the integration and use of satellite-based applications. The participants will be challenged to move from the national to the European perspective and to discuss ways to improve user data accessibility for disaster management. 



The keynote panel of this workshop will set the stage, providing the audience with an overview on the national space strategy and how space-based solutions can contribute to the disaster management cycle. This session will include an overview on the Copernicus mapping service, the implementation of the advance mobile location and the govsatcom.

The panel presentation aims to raise awareness of satellite-based services for disaster risk management bringing the audience the service provider and user perspectives. It will focus mostly on the actual use and the integration of the information into daily workflows rather than on the technology. To sensitise authorities and local stakeholders, Cypriots hands-on use cases will be presented. The identified benefits, needs, challenges, and opportunities will form the basis to discuss the way forward to streamline the process of integrating satellite-based services in disaster risk management. 

The high-level policy panel will provide a high-level address from national and European relevant policy and decision-makers. It will shed light on the national and European policy framework as well as future perspective on the field of risk assessment and management.  

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In cooperation with the Department of Electronic Communications, Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy