Spatial Data for Biodiversity Hackathon


Akoesticum, Ede, The Netherlands

The challenge

For this Hackathon, the challenge is to use available data related to biodiversity (stressors and habitats) to support the implementation of actionable biodiversity risk maps.

Three study areas are the object of the hackathon:

Your challenge will be to use the data provided for these areas to:

  • improve the usability of the data using AI
  • create a multistressor risk map for biodiversity
  • create a tool useful for the challenge commissioner to access this map for understanding the impacts of multiple stressors on biodiversity in one of the case study areas.

Extra points will be awarded for teams being able to cover two or more of these missions.


The hackathon participants can formulate challenges covering one or more of the pillars guided by the elements that fall under these pillars.

Possible elements of the challenges  

1) Data

2) Map

3) User interface

The tool(s):

[1] Lists of biodiversity components and potential stressors are provided per case study

[2] Assessment of the wider environmental, social and economic impacts of alternative proposals at the beginning of a project.