Space Service Hub: Launch Event


Online Event

An immersive experience!

Climb aboard and sit tight because as we are embarking on a journey through different areas, from smart cities to rural and coastal areas, to discover satellite based solutions! The Space Service Hub, powered by ESA, is a new platform on the Eurisy website to showcase a diverse set of downstream satellite-based applications.

During this launch event, the audience will be navigated through an animated version of planet Earth to get acquainted with the different satellite-based services populating the 3D web platform. Participants will have the chance to learn more about ESA’s incentives and competitions behind this initiative. The solutions of the companies involved will be showcased in short videos. There will be room for questions and interaction with the different representatives and speakers throughout the session.

3D web platform

On an animated version of planet Earth, visitors can navigate through different areas. There they discover how satellites have an impact on their daily life. With one single click, visitors can move from a coastal area to a rural, or urban area to learn about satellite solutions overcoming peculiar challenges from smart farming applications, to urban planning and the monitoring of our oceans.

Embedded companies

In the context of the increasingly important role played by SMEs, in particular in the European space sector, ESA is striving to encourage and support the growth of these companies so that they have increased chances to have access to finance, information, and contacts, and, more generally, to promote their capabilities and know-how, in Europe and abroad.

On a mission to:

  • Raise awareness of satellite solutions tackling today’s societal challenges
  • Promote solutions towards end-user communities
  • Describe products/services in a non-technical way
  • Demonstrate that satellite-based solutions are not as technical and difficult to use as they are perceived
  • Visualise how to integrate the solutions into daily workflows and how to benefit from them
  • Provide a marketing tool with an immersive VR experience and 3D web platform
  • Grant permanent visibility on a platform reaching beyond the traditional barriers of the space sector

The Space Service Hub in Virtual Reality

The Space Service Hub can also be experienced in virtual reality at specific ESA or Eurisy roadshows, booths, and international events and fairs.