Space 4 Critical Infrastructure: Energy & Transport


Online Event

Introduction into the proposed EU-Directive on the resilience of critical entities

The first webinar of this series provided an overview on the state of play of the legislative procedure related to the proposed directive on the resilience of critical entities. The webinar also provided a strategic perspective on current space technology developments and uses to sensitise institutional players on the space dimension. Read the full summary here.

Introductory webinar reflecting on the collapse of the Morandi Bridge

The second session of the introductory part on “Space for Critical Infrastructures” shed light on the experiences from the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, sharing concrete measures and practices, with special emphasis on operational satellite services to support relevant entities with the maintenance of bridges. The recording and full summary are available here.

Putting the EC-proposal into action


This third session of Space 4 Critical Infrastructure covered the question on how to put the proposed directive into action. The European Commission shared opportunities and views for the green and digital transition in the construction sector. Furthermore, two examples of cooperative projects in the transport sector were addressed. One national project related to the use of satellite technology for monitoring the stability and security of infrastructure, and one European project on EGNSS applications for mobility solutions. The recording and full summary are available here.


Public Administration

The webinar on “Public Administration” showcased how space can boost the preparedness of public administration in a number of threats and natural disasters that affect their critical infrastructure and the safety of their citizens. Representatives of EUSPA, SatCen, as well as the example of a civil emergency case from the Puglia region highlighted how satellite applications can address security and safety needs. The recording and full summary are available here.

Banking & Finance

This thematic session of “Space 4 Critical Infrastructures” covered banking and financial entities and how to manage operational risks and ensure business continuity. Space technology can support the digitalisation and greening of the financial sector. Satellite applications can contribute in credit, payment and insurance processes, and in particular Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), to provide accurate measurements of time and synchronisation. The recording and full summary are available here.