Satellite Services for Future Health

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

What are satellite applications?

Satellite applications are digital services and products that rely, partly, on data from Earth Observation satellites, satellite navigation satellites (like GPS) and telecommunication satellites.  Other technologies and data sources can be included, even socio-economic indicators, tweets and hashtags, and so on. 

Application examples

Satellite navigation, satellite communication and Earth observation all provide new possibilities that help improve the life of people on Earth. If well exploited, satellite data and signals can help people live healthier lives and experience an increased wellbeing as they age.

Satellite applications provide benefits both preemptively, through a better monitoring of the environment, and reactively, by allowing for faster and better treatments and for a quicker access to critical information. Satellite applications are a great opportunity to innovate and to benefit from innovation in areas such as:

These are just a few examples of the distinctive contributions of satellite-based applications to the promotion of healthier living environments and more inclusive societies. 

To see how public authorities and companies use satellite applications, go to Eurisy’s database of good practices.