Eurisy invites you to join a unique network of space agencies, industry, and international organisations

  • Eurisy bridges the gap between space and society by fostering partnerships and raising awareness among user groups and decision-makers of the benefits of space applications for economic, environmental, and societal policies.
  • Eurisy’s independence from commercial constraints gives it the legitimacy necessary to reach user groups and decision-makers on behalf of the European Space Community, and convince them of the strategic benefits of space.
  • Eurisy starts, stimulates, and supports collaboration between public institutions, SMEs, industry, and academia to advance the dissemination of satellite-based innovation in non-space sectors such as mobility, energy, maritime, agriculture, health, and many more.
  • Eurisy informs decision-makers on how to facilitate the take-up of satellite-based services.

Why become a member?

  • Actively engage and share best practices on downstream space applications with a network of peers;
  • Take part in the decision-making process during the General Assembly of Members, and therefore directly influence the strategy and activities of Eurisy;
  • Find support to organise ad hoc events, trainings, webinars;
  • Benefit from promotional activities, free entries to all Eurisy events, and open access to the complete Eurisy website and database;
  • Promote initiatives through Eurisy news channels;
  • Gain access to expertise, and knowledge, including the development of studies on specific topics of relevance for your organization;
  • Boost the development of your downstream space strategy and programmes;
  • Get insights on emerging markets, trends, and end-user communities.

A full member can also participate…

In all meetings, working groups, projects, and activities on a voluntary basis, depending on the organisation’s specific interests and strategic priorities.

In a Eurisy activity by providing financial, in-kind, or expert support.

How to join Eurisy?

Requests for membership must be sent to the Eurisy President, for submission to Council’s approval. Please contact the Eurisy Secretariat for further details (


We look forward to welcoming your organisation among our members!