Cassini Hackathon Barcelona: Meet the winners!

This week, it has been Demo Day and Awards Ceremony for the winners of the Cassini Hackathon Barcelona, organised last weekend 4-6 November 2022.

The CASSINI Hackathons is the flagship action of the European Commission’s Competitive Space Start-ups for Innovation Initiative (CASSINI). Its goal is to stimulate the spur-of-the-moment development of innovative initiatives based on data and information from Copernicus satellite images and Galileo & EGNOS positioning signals.

This year, the 4th edition of the Cassini Hackathon was held in ten European countries. In Barcelona, the Hackathon was hosted by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and co-organised by the Fundació Privada Knowledge Innovation Market, the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, and the Eurisy newest Member, the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia – IEEC.

The winners will get access to 100 hours of tutoring to strengthen their technical, marketing and sectorial skills and bring their ideas to the market.

Participants were asked to imagine and develop solutions based on data and signals from the Copernicus and Galileo satellite constellations to contribute to finance, insurance and investment practices that support sustainable development and help solving global challenges.

The first prize was awarded to the FarmSat:Space team, composed by Federico Lozano, Maria Álvarez, Carmen Álvarez, Francisco Muro, Juan Antonio Pedreira, José Pulido and Alejandro Trenado. The team proposed to develop a product using Copernicus images to monitor gas emissions in macro farms, a model that is taking over Spain with alarming environmental impacts.

The team participants, who travelled to Barcelona from Malaga, are part of the K-Projects programme of the University of Malaga, which aims at gathering students with different backgrounds to provide them with the soft skills needed to develop products that respond to today’s challenges. The product with which the team won the Cassini Hackathon Spain has been conceived based on the work they did within the “K-SAT: Space & Entrepreneurship Lab” project, that focuses on projects integrating satellite technologies.

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The second winning team, Gapfik, included Giuseppe Facciorusso, Georgi Gevorgyan, Lorenzo Montaruli, Giovanni Pardini, Janninger Hofmann, Kuba Glowacz, Lara Bertin and Hamad Alrakhis. The team developed a dashboard that includes satellite data to provide information on companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in real time and with a very easy user experience.

In addition to these teams, the Jury also wanted to recognise the work of other participants who came up with particularly interesting ideas.

A special mention of environmental awareness for future generations was awarded to the Space Tools team, including Guillem Águila, Javier Ramírez, Albert Sáez, Marc Ferré, Daniel García, Ángel Franco, Mireia Rico and Oriol Paricio. The team developed the idea of a platform relying on EO data to identify the sustainability index of a crop according to its specific location.

A special mention in green impact went to the Choose your space team, including Carla Salas, Ricard Rodríguez, Fran Asensio, and Pavel Fedotov. They imagined a home search tool taking into account sustainability indexes, pollution and weather data that would serve as an intermediary for sales or rental platforms.

Finally, a special mention in business experience was recognised to the Byetech team, including Laura Domenech, Jonathan Domenech, Xavier Liso, Johan Oreel, and Dulguun Ganbold. Their idea consisted of a social media network that embraces the world of sustainability to analyse companies.

As a partner of the Hackahton, and having supported the event with communications and mentoring, Eurisy wishes to congratulate the FarmSat:Space team and all the participants that contribute with their ideas to bringing space closer to society!