Eurisy as Regional Associate for the Copernicus & Galileo Masters 2020

The Copernicus Masters is the leading innovation competition for commercial Earth observation (EO) applications. Open for submissions until 6 July 2020, the competition awards prizes to innovative solutions, services, and business concepts that use EO data to solve important societal and environmental challenges. With more than EUR 550,000 worth of prizes, businesses and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to innovate with big data from space.

Similarly, the Galileo Masters annually awards prizes to the best services, products, and business concepts that use satellite navigation in everyday life, spurring the development of respective market-driven applications. Open for submissions until 6 July 2020, the competition awards prizes to innovative solutions at each development stage, with the objective of turning them into real businesses. With more than EUR 1 million worth of prizes, there is an opportunity for great minds to boost their business with Galileo/EGNOS.

As a Regional Associate 2020, Eurisy is proud to support the awarding of innovative solutions, developments and ideas that use EO and satellite navigation data to tackle challenges faced by business and society. As a regional associate we are part of the constantly growing EO community as well as the space business ecosystem.