Connect by CNES: NewSpace responds to major regional challenges


Nice, France

The aim of this event is to present how Earth Observation data is used in France. It will also provide an opportunity to present the AppliSat initiative, which brings together the national community of public-sector users of spatial data. This event was designed specifically for local authorities and associated structures by Connect By CNES in partnership with the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis and with the support of SAFE Cluster.

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An event by Eurisy

Spatial Data for Biodiversity Hackathon


Akoesticum, Ede, The Netherlands

Wageningen University and Research and Eurisy organise this Hackathon on 23-24 October 2023 on the issue of "Spatial Data for Biodiversity". The hackathon will challenge teams to use provided spatial data related to biodiversity (stressors and habitats) to make biodiversity risk maps. Participants will work towards a mapping tool for understanding the cumulative risk to biodiversity in a given area, by solving spatial data gaps using AI, machine learning and any state-of-the-art spatial data science tools.

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