GIS4Schools: Paving the way for the school of the future

Welcome to the school of the 21st century!

The GIS4Schools project started in September 2020 and is contributing to define the school of tomorrow! The Erasmus+ funded project aims at promoting a new innovative approach to foster the teaching of STEAM topics in secondary schools. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn about GIS technology and how to use GIS to respond to climate change challenges.

For the very first time, satellite data will be used by pupils in secondary schools. The data will be provided by the European Earth Observation Programme Copernicus and will be utilised to help the pupils in the co-creation process of GIS-based products.

In this context, the project intends to promote a new approach for the involvement of pupils in STEAM disciplines’ learning by introducing the teaching of the GIS technology which is not yet (or rarely) adopted in secondary schools. GIS4Schools also aims at increasing STEAM’s knowledge of pupils and acquisition of new skills in analysis and managing GIS data, open data statistics and related technologies for the analysis of environmental, economic and social phenomena and by consequence higher propensity for pupils to choose STEAM subjects in their university career.

To learn more about the objectives of the GIS4Schools project, have a look at the video here below:

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