Smart Cities Marketplace Discussion and Focus groups – First call for topics

Join the Smart Cities Marketplace in shaping the future of sustainable and smart cities. Visionaries, city administrators, service providers, and experts are invited to propose topics for dynamic Discussion and Focus groups.

Who can apply?

Diverse participants from city consortia, industries, SMEs, researchers, and experts.

Why apply?

Elevate your profile within the expansive EU Smart Cities community, fostering connections with influential EU-level initiatives and collaborative projects through the Smart Cities Marketplace. Engage in meaningful peer exchanges, potentially forging consortia to drive tangible, cross-regional, and Member State-reaching actions. Your ideas, your impact.

What is expected?

Members in the Discussion and Focus groups contribute on a voluntary basis. Focus groups meet online or in person, while Discussion groups exchange ideas in an online forum.

When to apply?

Applications for both calls must be submitted by 29 September 2023 at 18:00 CET.

Explore the possibilities, shape your project ideas, and close a deal for launching your Smart City solution!

For inquiries, contact Apply now and be a part of the future of smart cities!

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