A Parisian sandwich shop fights food waste thanks to a mobile app based on satellite navigation

The shop

Pierre Leblanc manages an independent sandwich shop in Paris since August 2011. The shop is located near a university campus of over 30,000 students. Indeed, 80% of the shop clients are students.

The challenge

Managing unsold fresh products is a frequent problem for Mr. Leblanc since sandwiches and pastries have a limited shelf life. Before turning to technology, Mr. Leblanc had already tried to contact some associations to distribute his unsold products, but could not because of logistic and legal constraints (food waste management by shops and restaurants is highly regulated in France).

The satellite solution

Since October 2014, Mr. Leblanc uses OptiMiam, an app that connects shopkeepers who need to sell fresh food before the expiration date and customers looking for good deals.

The OptiMiam solution consists of two apps: one for the shopkeeper and one for the consumers.

The shopkeeper subscribed to the service at a preferential launch price (€100 for the first six months). After installing the application, he now uploads various deals on products about to expire. The discount on these products must be at least 25% for them to be listed on the app.

The customers’ app, free of charge, relies on the smartphones’ satnav system to alert potential clients of the deal when they are near the shop, via a push notification. The client can then add the products they want to buy to the shopping cart, and then pick them up in the shop. Clients pay directly at the cash desk, like for regular purchases.

The result

Since implementing the service Mr. Leblanc has reduced food waste. Furthermore, the shop attracts more clients than before, proving the app to be an efficient marketing tool in addition to helping him manage stocks and save money.  

Four months after its launch by Optimiam, a French start-up launched by two students, the app has been downloaded almost 13,000 times and is used by around 10,000 clients and 20 Parisian partner shops. 

“Thanks to OptiMiam, one can eat smart while protecting the planet and his wallet!”Pierre Leblanc, independent shopkeeper