Event organisers use satnav and gamification to better engage participants

The company

Aventi, a professional event organiser based in Sweden, creates and facilitates games and other group activities. Events can be both outdoor and indoor, and range from kayaking, climbing, dancing and singing, to conferences and training sessions. The company was set up in 2000, and currently employs 87 people, of which 80 work part time. Their main clients are private companies from various sectors for whom they help host conferences, team building exercises and training sessions.

The challenge

Traditional event formats are shifting a from top-down approach, to become more interactive and engaging. Indeed, hundreds of companies and schools organise events for corporate occasions and education. As a result, “gamification” as a tool for communication and learning is becoming popular. However, creating meaningful games still takes time, staff and resources to organise. For an event to be successful, it should be tailored to specific learning objectives and the available landscape. Also, it needs to be easily adaptable to the needs of clients.
In sum, this makes games too expensive for many potential clients and time-consuming for the organiser. As a result, Aventi sought a way to reduce the cost and time required creating and facilitating their events, whilst keeping it engaging and interactive for participants.

The satellite solution

Aventi decided to integrate an adaptable and efficient game-creation platform to help them create and facilitate events. They came across Loquiz which allows them to quickly create a new game online through a web interface. With a licence, users of Loquiz may set up their own challenges, quizzes, and questions, and edit the content of the games as they like. Virtual checkpoints are set at specific outdoor locations for the participants to follow throughout the activities.
The games can be accessed on any smart device with an embedded satnav system, which Aventi provides to the participants themselves. When reaching checkpoints on the map, participants will engage with the game as designed by the game creator, and interact with it as they follow the selected route. The Loquiz app keeps track of participant’s movement, and records their score.

The result

The platform has made it easier for Aventi to standardise events, and build upon the same templates and resources. Thanks to the use of Satnav and the app, games are also more autonomous and efficient compared to the previous use of manual hand-held GPS devices and written notes.

As a result, Aventi has more than halved the time and cost of preparing and facilitating an event. It now takes only four to eight hours, and one or two instructors, to roll out the complete interactive experience for the players. Instead, Aventi has been able to increase the number of events per year, and continuously improved the service, as employees can spend more time creating better tailored events for new clients.

After implementing Loquiz we are now using 1-2 instructors instead of 6-7 instructors in one of our typical events

Tord Björkqvist, Aventi