La Mosca: Come out and play! Outdoor city games using satellite navigation

The company

La Mosca is a small Belgian company of eleven employees based in Gent. Since October 2006, it provides location-based games in six European countries (Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Spain) to both individuals and companies. The games can be played among friends (The Target, Operation Freedy) or colleagues (Team Me Up, The Managers).

The challenge

Positioned on the outdoor games market, La Mosca caters for private and professional groups. Different players have different objectives, from having fun together at a bachelor bash to improving relations between employees through team-building exercises. La Mosca intended to develop a competitive and diverse offer of games for players to have fun in a team in the city, suitable for customers from six different countries.

The satellite solution

To enable people to discover cities, travel, learn, have second life experiences, relax together or even train or do team-building outdoors, La Mosca’s games rely on satellite positioning and navigation. Outdoors, the spatial dimension of the game is essential, and GPS is indispensable to help people navigate, move and play better.

Players can book their preferred game online depending on group size, levels of action and discovery, expected team-building outcomes, location and duration. Currently, players must use mobile devices provided by La Mosca to play, but smartphone versions will soon be available for iPhone and Android, for groups of up to 16 players.

The result

Around 50,000 people play La Mosca games every year – 300,000 played since the company started. As a proof of success, the small company is about to launch its games in the United Kingdom and in Germany as of 2014.

The high quality and fun games make La Mosca competitive on the gaming market and appealing for small groups of individuals and big companies alike. For instance, Procter and Gamble regularly booked the “The Managers” game for their team building exercises.

We are all competitors, and The Target was a beautiful challenge. Must try it!” Team building players.