Maveric Contractors: Completing building works to exacting standards

The Organisation

Maveric Contractors is a small Irish company specialising in civil engineering, which carries out site development projects from the survey, design and costing stage through the handover. It employs 30 staff and has an annual turnover of €5 million. It has been in existence since 2005.

The Challenge

Maveric Contractors needed to rely on a relative advantage, especially when competing for large-scale civil engineering projects in Ireland and the UK. An example of this was a night-only project in Galway airport. This project was to provide a runway extension and a new aircraft turntable. In the past, this would have had to be done with timber profiles of the ditches to excavate and batter rails, and manually checked, which is a challenge enough during the day, but even more so at night.

The Satellite Solution

Maveric uses GPS to map a site’s contours and generate a 3D model, which serves as an invaluable reference for machines, once site development begins. The GPS coordinates are linked directly to the earth-moving equipment, which is computer-controlled according to the digital models. In the case of the Galway project, the setting out and quality control were carried out with GPS-guided excavators and tractor dozers according to information displayed on in-cab GPS monitors. The underground infrastructure, such as water pipes and electric cables, were shown on screen in the cab in real time, guiding Ground Engaging Tools with GPS, to avoid damage to the infrastructure.

The Results

The accurate information in the 3D models of the sites helps design and costing decisions. Using GPS to guide machinery allows Maveric Contractors to achieve millimetre-accurate results and virtually eliminate driver errors. Thanks to these technologies, the Galway airport project, among others, was completed to an exacting standard, exactly as per drawing, more safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

“We were very impressed with the results achieved with this new technology and how it was delivered by Maveric”Piotr Wojtusik, Engineer EPSA Internacional S.A., Maveric Client