Skeyemap develops new marketing opportunities thanks to an interactive geo-platform

The company

Skeyemap is a three-year-old small company located in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. The SME initially developed 3D models of buildings and panoramas to provide virtual reality marketing services to local authorities and tourism or leisure facilities. In 2012, the company started creating interactive visualisation solutions integrated in geographical environments.

The challenge

Skeyemap’s clients need to be visible and provide the various types of customers and visitors they usually welcome with exhaustive information and accurate impressions of their location, surroundings, and services, as their main selling points. The SME identified a market opportunity in providing its clients with the possibility to gather all the information needed by its customers (such as buildings, panoramas, landscapes, available services …etc.), usually scattered among various sources within a single interactive online geo-platform.

The satellite solution

Skeyemap uses Google Earth or Google Maps, combined with other open geographic data, to create an interactive interface based on tri-dimensional models for a given geographical area. A dedicated website is created for each modelled area, accessible on personal computers directly on traditional web browsers.  In a very intuitive way, users visualise the area, as if they were on the ground, target the objects they are interested in and zoom on them.

For example, one can virtually visit the Geopark of Banska Bystrica or the lake of Strba, in Slovakia. The level of precision enables users to experience a very realistic and accurate tour of the areas, with the exact point of view they would have had from a given spot.

The result

By combining virtual reality and satellite data on a web platform, Skeyemap is able to provide a competitive edge to its clients. The SME was the first and unique Slovak company to provide such digital marketing services in Slovakia. Originally named 3Dmodel, the company recently expanded its client portfolio and capitalised on the success of the product to adapt its commercial image and change its name. 

“Thanks to satellite information Skeyemap expands its activities and becomes highly competitive on the marketing services market” Jaroslav Piroh, Skeyemap owner