Sunnergy: remote PV plant control and surveillance

The company

Sunnergy Group S.p.A. is an Italian company in existence since 2007. The company develops, designs and invests in medium-sized photovoltaic plants in the South Italian regions of Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily. At the moment, it manages several plants with a medium power output of 1MW.

The challenge

The company needs to centrally and permanently monitor its remote photovoltaic plants by connecting the surveillance equipment on site with the monitoring systems in-house. It needs to do so reliably, respecting security requisites, with a system that is easy and flexible enough to unroll according to needs.

The satellite solution

Sunnergy Group S.p.A. has chosen to use bi-directional satellite technology combined with an integrated network (wired, wireless, satellite) provided by IcarusNet. Bi-directional “D-Star” satellite dishes have been installed in the various photovoltaic fields to complement the terrestrial network. The network was specifically configured to meet particular territorial needs and so that it could deliver the best value for money.

The result

The satellite connections allow for constant access to measure, control and video surveillance applications from the headquarters, as well as from territorial branches where workers are in charge of control and maintenance. The connections are noticeably fluid and quick. Costs have been contained.

 “The personalised network configuration meets the requirements of our control and video surveillance applications. The excellent performance of the connection links makes the network safe, reliable and scalable for future requirements.” Lorenzo Podestà, Manager, Sunnergy Group.

Key fact: Constant remote access to measure, control and video surveillance