Trimaran integrates satellite navigation in 2D and 3D graphics for outdoor sporting events broadcasting

The company

 Trimaran is a small French SME created by Olivier Emery 20 years ago. Originally, the company focused on 3D animation for television and promotional corporate films. In 2007, Trimaran extended its activities by setting up a digital studio and specialising in visual design technologies for live information and sporting events, on TV or on digital media.

The challenge

TV broadcasting of outdoor sport events is a highly competitive market where providers must continuously improve their service offer. While working with sport event’s organisers (such as ASO for le Tour de France) and TV sports channels (French channel Canal+ for WRC Rallye de France/Alsace), Trimaran identified their need to have a 3D visualisation in real time of the competitors, to be broadcasted on TV, on large screens, internet portals, tablets and smartphones.

The satellite solution 

Trimaran thus launched GeoRacing, a professional live and replay viewing service, which integrates a GPS tracking system. Each participants of outdoor competition – such as cars racing, sailing boats or sailplanes – is equipped with a GPS receiver, which sends location data in real-time to a server. Trimaran converts them in a 2D or 3D graphic representation of the ranking situation in the race in real time, for live or replay broadcasts. The time difference between competitors is calculated in real time with highly precise accuracy (1/10th of a second) and can be visualised in real mode or by simulating the situation linearly as if all competitors started at the same time (“ghost mode” for Rallies or Individual Trial).

The result

Trimaran successfully launched Georacing in October 2013 during the WRC-France-Alsace rally which was broadcasted by French TV channels Canal+ and Sport+. The solution has also been successfully used during international sailing competitions such as Le Tour de France à la Voile 2013 or the Stars Sailors’ League Christmas regatta 2013.

The solution allows journalists to refine their comments, knowing what is happening between competitors in real time. By offering an innovative broadcasting solution for races, the small company was able to contract with big sport broadcasting channels and now expects to expand its sales internationally and become worldwide leader of outdoor sport events visualization.

GeoRacing Virtual Timing helped me to tell the story of the 2013 edition of the WRC-France-Alsace Rally. At all times, we knew the virtual distance between the cars, but also had the  3D representation  of the gap between competitors. GeoRacing helped us visualise a really wide shot of the rally”. Pascal Mathieu, Canal+ live director