Welcome to Eurisy’s blog. (And what it will be about)

As everyone who attends conferences knows, going to a conference is not (only) about sitting through PowerPoint presentations. One learns some of the most interesting things at the coffee break, or during a round table that has gone a little off-script (in a good way).

Eurisy celebrates 25 years this year. For most of that time, it has “bridged space and society” by organising events. 25 years’ worth of events is a lot of overhead projector slides and PowerPoint presentations. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. The submerged part is a certain accumulation of informal knowledge about networks and people from both space and society. Empirical knowledge about what makes people from space and society “tick” together. That Eurisy talks to professional communities who don’t usually talk to each other in sectoral conferences is a fertile ground for a whole lot of possibilities.

Image: ©tinkerlab

The idea of this blog is then to capture, through a coffee-break type of conversation, some insights into people’s interactions with innovation; the sort of insights which are not necessarily captured in a conference report, or a scientifically-sound article (we do those too).

This means a couple of things:

1. This blog will not be about technology and innovation, but about people and innovation

2. Our observations, or those of invited blogging guests, may be wrong some of the time: but if they raise questions and contribute to the conversation, then the job of this blog is being done.

3. There is no time pressure on producing blog posts. We will be rarely reporting big news, and some ideas need some chewing before filtering through.

So you’re very welcome to subscribe to our RSS feed, so as to join the conversation when it happens.