The strengthening of the health sector after the COVID-19 outbreak

The COVID-19 emergency is pressuring the healthcare sector and the practice of medicine all around the world. In this tough period, it is important to cast light on the unprecedented challenges posed in the hospitals to avoid putting at risk those swathes of the population (elderlies, immunocompromised, multi-pathological patients, etc.), that might be most vulnerable to the transmission of the virus. In this difficult context, telemedicine appears as a promising option for both patients and the whole sector.

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Call for space assets in response to COVID-19

In our previous article “What we can learn from the Coronavirus crisis with satellite data”, we illustrated how space-enabled solutions contribute their share in the fight against this pandemic, and what satellite data tell us about the extraordinary current situation. We now hope that this overview of satellite applications may serve as inspiration in order to participate in the ongoing open calls that we list here.

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Innovation is not really the problem in Europe

Europe doesn’t invent anything anymore, at a time when the EU has just decided to inject €80 billion into Horizon2020, Europe’s research and innovation programme. This was the deliberately controversial premise of a recent documentary on whether Europeans have lost their mojo when it comes to innovation and technology. It is easy to fall for the American pitch on why the US is a champion. But there is more to the story, and plenty of scope for European success, including in the aerospace sector.

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