Satellite-based Services for Disaster Risk Management

The workshop "Satellite-based Services for Disaster Risk Management" held on May 25th in Athens, aimed at creating a common understanding among Greek and European stakeholders of what satellite-based services can bring during the disaster management cycle and of how to facilitate the access and use of such solutions at national and regional levels.

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Climbing the value chain with satellite data

Cycling has many benefits for society and our health. It offers an important alternative for crowded public transport and a good way for some physical exercising, even from home. With satellite imagery and the widespread of GNSS wearables, space applications enable a better cycling experience both outdoors and indoors!

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How satellite navigation tackles COVID-19 in sports

Just as every other sector, sports face unprecedented circumstances. However, space assets never ceased to support the industry, enabling innovative solutions both at grassroots and elite level. From remote training and performance tracking, to fan engagement!

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