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Eurisy strives to promote the use of satellite solutions for the benefit of professional communities in numerous sectors. Eurisy does this through a unique bottom-up approach, putting at the centre the end users, understanding their needs and challenges, providing relevant fora to share experiences and expertise by tapping into its repository of success stories. Pioneering public authorities, agencies and SMEs from across Europe share their hands-on experience, to inspire their peers to follow suit. It is not about the technology; it is about how end users make it work for them. Over the years this work has resulted in Europe’s largest database of users’ testimonials on operational satellite services:


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  • If region or city: size and location, responsibilities of the department who uses the satellite application. If small/medium company: size and years in existence; sector (other than space), products, services and customers; staff and turnover.
  • What challenge or problem (other than technical) prompted the end-user to turn to the satellite application they are using?
  • How did using a satellite-derived service help the end-user? What difference did it make?
  • What were the benefits, results, or impact of the satellite solution, for the end-user? (e.g. better efficiency, more coordination, time and money savings, staff and customer/citizen satisfaction/ benefits for the general public.)
  • Can you include a quote in the end-users' words about the difference it made for them to use this service?
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