Integrating Satellite Applications in Disaster Risk Management

In recent years, Europe faced the consequences of several natural hazards, resulting in human and economic losses.
Extreme weather events due to climate change will only increase in the future. The rapid growth in the use of
satellite applications has the potential to mitigate the impact of climate change and related hazards. Earth
observations, Global Navigation Satellite Systems, and satellite communications all support crucial phases of
disaster risk management, from prevention and preparedness to response and recovery.

This paper aims to shed light on the European stakeholders playing a role in the disaster risk management cycle
and the contributions of satellite applications. It revolves around the current mechanisms to access and share
international and European space-born information. An analysis of the main stakeholders will be provided, as well
as their role and operative mechanisms. The research seeks to deepen the disaster risk management community
among European states with regard to the integration of satellite applications. Several recent case studies on the
use of satellite-based services during different disasters will be presented.