Satellites Going Local – Maritime Edition

In this 7th edition of our Satellites Going Local series, Eurisy continues to highlight the contributions of satellite applications for society, this time diving into the maritime domain.

More than 3 billion people around the world rely on blue resources for their living. But nowadays our blue world is threatened by multiple challenges such as sea level rise, pollution, algal blooming, coastal erosion, and anomalies in marine biodiversity behaviours, just to mention a few.

Space technology is an asset to help monitoring the impacts of these hazards deriving both from climate change and human activities on the seas and oceans. Satellite data provides the maritime community and its operators with actionable, reliable and near real-time information on large and remote areas otherwise difficult to reach.

The examples included in this publication provide an overview on how the integration of satellite solution can support decision and policy-maker to streamline process and take informed decisions as well as design mitigation strategies and adaptation actions. The stories collected in this booklet are meant to stimulate awareness and exchange of knowledge on the use of satellite applications.


Satellites Going Local – Culture Edition

 In this 6th edition of our Satellites Going Local series, Eurisy continues to highlight the contributions of satellite applications for society, this time taking our investigations into the cultural and creative sectors.

This new issue illustrates how satellite based technologies in particular are being used to better manage historical cities, monitor and safeguard cultural heritage and enable creative minds to generate new ways to experience culture.

The stories collected are meant to stimulate awareness and exchange of knowledge among those who are already using satellite applications and those who are interested in them. They also aim to inspire public and private actors to come up with increasingly innovative and useful services in the cultural and creative sectors.


Satellites Going Local 2016 – Public and Private Organisations share their Success Stories

The 5th edition of Satellites Going Local collects testimonials from public and private organisations using satellite applications to improve their work and provide better services to the public.

For the non-space professionals they are intended to demonstrate, in a down-to-earth manner, how digital products and services that rely on satellite navigation, satellite communications and Earth observation, benefit professionals in all areas of activity.
Examples range from agriculture and environment, to risk management, to tourism and leisure, to infrastructure and building, to mobility and transport. To satellite professionals, they will offer insights into user needs, and possible business cases.


Satellites Going Local 2013 – Water Edition

HB 2013The 3rd issue of “Satellites Going Local” presents operational examples of local and regional administrations and companies who use geospatial information, satellite navigation and satellite communications to improve water management locally, regionally and cross-border. It touches on sectors as diverse as water supply and management, agriculture, risk management, environmental protection and energy.

Local and regional administrators and private companies who use or manage water sources can draw ideas and inspiration from these good practices so as to improve water management, and thus contribute to the sustainability of this vital resource on the long run.


Satellites Going Local 2012 – Sharing Good Practices

HB 2012Satellites Going Local is a collection of non-technical examples of pioneering cities, regions and SMEs who use satellite services operationally. Following the success of the first edition of the publication, over the first half of the year, Eurisy has been working to find fresh examples for an entirely new edition 2012.


Satellites Going Local 2011 – Sharing Good Practices

HB 2011“Satellites Going Local – 30 Regions, Cities and SMEs share good practice” is a collection of selected success stories of pioneering local or regional authorities and SMEs who have put satellite applications to work in delivering their professional goals in variety of fields such as environment, transport, health, urban and rural development, and others.

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