Space4Maritime: diving into space-based solutions for the maritime domain

Recently, Eurisy launched the initiative Space4Maritime. The objective is to identify and understand the needs of European maritime end-user communities, facilitating the dialogue with the space industry and the uptake of satellite services. In this frame, Eurisy started a series of interviews with end-users identified in the blue world. The result of these interviews is the core of the paper. The overall objective is to identify the existing operational solutions applicable in the maritime domain through practical examples, as well as the bottlenecks that harness the potential of satellite applications for the sustainable growth of the Blue Economy.

The paper will mainly address service providers and public authorities, providing them with a set of recommendations on how to foster cooperation with maritime operators. But it also targets potential new end-users interested in adopting satellite solutions in their workflow. The case studies will be complemented further by additional information collected through desk research and the organization of thematic webinars.